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Patient News Is The Premier Dental Marketing Agency

When a prospective client is on the lookout for a top-notch dental marketing agency, Patient News is your one-stop shop. We are a premier dental marketing agency and we know how to assist you in a manner that is specific to your needs.

The experienced team at Patient News makes for a strong dental marketing agency. We have the skills and know-how to assist your in a variety of areas with customized dental marketing campaigns unique to your practice.

Are you ready to market your practice in an effective manner with proven results? Check off all of the following "boxes"!

Practice Management

When you become our client, your dedicated Account Manager will guide you through our dental marketing campaigns – ones designed exclusively for dentists. All are highly experienced, well-trained, and have helped thousands of clients just like you. Their service is second to none – it's why we offer a 100% customer service satisfaction guarantee!

Your Account Manager will offer you best-practice recommendations, process improvement guidance, and will work with you on the results of each of your campaign performance reports as one-to-one reviews are offered on a regular schedule.

Patient News provides telephone training so that everyone at your practice who answers the phone can increase their conversion rate by turning more of their prospective patient phone calls into scheduled appointments. 

Intelligence Gathering

Gathering information doesn't make a business "smart." How that information is used can. Our proprietary tools let you know what happens in response to your dental marketing and why it happens. You can make quick business decisions based on real-time information and monitor how these decisions affect your results.

Market area diagnostics, market share analysis, competitor analysis, call tracking, and our Marketing Performance Dashboard Pro provide incredibly valuable business intelligence (BI) and analysis – so you can make decisions that will grow your practice. Imagine working with a dental marketing agency that is leading the way forward in the BI market so that you can increase your dental marketing return on investment and positively impact your production ... and your bottom line! 

Direct Mail Campaigns

Working with any dental marketing agency, you want the strongest return on your investment. Direct mail has 100% reach – getting into the homes of the people you want to attract. An independent study has proven that newsletters get 70% more new-patient calls than postcards. 

Call Patient News today for your free no-obligation Discovery Session. It's the perfect opportunity to see the sophisticated leading-edge tools we use to reach the potential patients in your neighborhood, get them to call your practice, and entice them to choose you! Our team is happy to let you know more about successes that past clients have enjoyed.

Digital Assistance

Digital marketing goes well beyond the simple creation of an Instagram feed or a Facebook page. We know how to craft a digital marketing program that speaks directly to your target audience. 

It's critical for your practice to manage your online reputation. That means reacting to all reviews posted online. React to a five-star review by thanking the patient for their kind words and for choosing your practice. Show concern and willingness to make thing right when a two-star review is posted. Develop closer relationships with your patients. Let the world see you care, you're engaged, and you are the dentist in their community.

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